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Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation

The Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation was formed on October 17, 2016, at the Troy Sale Barn.  The committee consists of 10 members:  Nicole Harris, Scott Snow, Bob Storch, Bill Bower, Harry Davis, Jerry May, Greg Jones, Joy Laue and Jim VanBlarcom. 

 Officers elected were:

                                President:  Bill Bower

                                Vice President:  Bob Storch

                                Secretary:  Joy Laue

                                Treasurer:  Jerry May

                                Event Director:  Nicole Harris

                                Project Managers:  Greg Jones & Harry Davis

The Board:

  • The building shall be under the direction of the Troy Municipal Authority and run daily by the Troy Sale Barn Operating Corporation.

  • The board will be made up of ten people, who will oversee the everyday activities of the barn and the remodeling of the barn.  Five members shall constitute a quorum.

  • The board will meet the first Thursday of every month.  Any member of the board can ask for an emergency meeting.  Most activities can be done by e-mail.

  • The president, secretary and treasurer of the board will be voted on at the yearly meeting in November.

  • The president shall preside over all meetings and sign contracts on behalf of the committee,

  • The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the committee.

  • The treasurer shall receive all monies collected for the organization, maintain books and pay bills.

  • The board will elect one of its members as the event director, who will oversee scheduling of events to be held in the barn.

  • The board will notify the Municipal Authority of any big changes or problems occurring in the barn.

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