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Our Mission Statement

Troy Sale Barn’s mission is to preserve and promote the historic, rich agricultural and rural heritages of our community—offering a gathering spot to highlight local artisans, farmers, community members and school groups.  From wedding venues to quilt shows, archery leagues, farmers markets, FFA events, square dances or art shows and farmers’ markets, the opportunities for the Troy Sale Barn’s utilization are tremendous whether it is for cultural, historical or recreational activities.

The Objective of the Troy Sale Barn:

  1. To remodel and preserve the building known as the Troy Sale Barn

  2. To help preserve the history of farming  in Bradford County

  3. To educate the area youth of the history of farming

  4. To make the building available to community groups and others for but not limited to education, wedding and receptions, drama, music, dancing, farmer’s markets, quilt shows, sport activities, banquets, etc.

Our Current Goals

  1. Completing Phase II, which is the Arena side of the Troy Sale Barn renovation project.

  2. To make the Troy Sale Barn self-supporting in that the revenue generated by its rental fees will be able to pay for the utilities, maintenance, services and insurance of the building—while offering a showplace of a historic site that can be used in a modern way to promote tourism within Bradford County.

  3. To make the sale barn a place for community events; such as quilt and art shows to community theatre plays, a musical venue, farmers markets, special events like weddings or receptions, the opportunities to get people to visit our area and then stay for a night are tremendous.  Bus Tours will have the opportunity to visit the Troy Sale Barn for a variety of tourist destinations.

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